3. How do you check/confirm that someone is indeed a vulnerable electricity consumer?

Vulnerable electricity consumers are either benefitiaries of certain benefits, or people suffering from certain health conditions.

Consequently, in order to be considered a vulnerable consumer, he or she must either receive one of the specific benefits referred to CATEGORY 3B beneficiaries from the competent authority, or be registered in the records of the Health Insurance Organization (HIO) as suffering from one of the specific health conditions referred to CATEGORY 3B beneficiaries.

The Management Committee of the RES and EC Fund confirms, following a request to the competent authorities that grant the specific benefits, whether the specific benefit had been granted within the immediately preceding period (e.g. month) to the "vulnerable consumer" or/and confirms upon request to the HIO that the "declared vulnerable consumer" is indeed included in the organization's records as suffering from a specific health condition.

The RES and EC Fund does not have a list of all potentially "vulnerable electricity consumers". In order to confirm that a person is a CATEGORY 3B beneficiary, a "Pre-Approval Application" must be submitted so that the Fund's Management Committee can then submit a request for information/confirmation to the competent authorities and/or the HOI specifically for that specific person declared as vulnerable consumer.

The Management Committee of the Fund does not examine (and is not able to examine) whether any person meets the conditions to become a recipient of any of the specific benefits listed for CATEGORY 3B beneficiaries, nor whether they suffer from a specific health condition. Therefore, before submitting a "Pre-Approval Application" for CATEGORY 3B, the applicant should ensure/confirm that the vulnerable consumer to be declared has already become a recipient of one of the specified benefits (already received the benefit) or is registered in HOI as suffering from one of the specific diseases.

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