5. I have applied but have not received a confirmation email from the system. What can I do;

Check the junk folder (Junk or Spam) if the email is stored there. If you are still unable to locate the email, follow these steps:

•    Go to the "My Applications" page under the "My Account" command.
•    On the "My Applications" page you should be able to locate your application. Make sure that the "Application Status" column states that "The Application has been submitted". This is a confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted.
•    Select "View". You will be taken to a page from which you will be able to see the details of the application you have submitted. At the bottom of the page is the command "Download application in PDF file". Select the command and save a copy of the application to your computer. The copy can be requested as proof of successful submission of the application in the electronic system. No other action is required.
•    If you cannot find your application on the "My Applications" page, then the application has not been registered in the electronic system and the process will have to be done from the beginning. If you can locate your application, but the "Application Status" column says "Application saved as Draft", then you need to open the application to complete the final submission process.

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