1. I have applied for a vulnerable energy consumer household, but you have informed me that it has not been confirmed by the competent authorities that the vulnerable consumer I have declared is included in the list of eligible vulnerable consumers.

First, carefully read the reason for rejection of your "Pre-Approval Application". It is common for "Pre-Approval Applications" to be rejected due to incorrect submission (e.g. incorrect declaration of applicant and/or vulnerable energy consumer details). In such a case, you can submit a new "Pre-Approval Application" with the correct details.

It is reminded that:

  • If the vulnerable energy consumer is a different person than the applicant, the details of the vulnerable consumer shall be declared on a separate page of the application form.
  • The applicant and the vulnerable energy consumer must be related within the first degree. For the purposes of Grant Schemes, the first degree of relationship includes: parents, children, grandparents, spouse, sibling, father/mother in-law, son/daughter-in-law.

In case that the reason for rejection is that "the vulnerable electricity consumer you had declared, has not been confirmed by the competent authorities to be included in the list of eligible vulnerable consumers" but you still believe that he/she falls under a certain category of vulnerable energy consumers, you should contact directly with the competent service from which you believe they receive the specific allowance for more information or to submit a relevant request.

It is recalled that for the purposes of examining the "Pre-Approval Applications" the Management Committee of the RES and EC Fund submits a request for information/confirmation to the competent authorities and/or the HIO specifically for the specific persons declared as a vulnerable energy consumer and that the Committee does not examine (nor is it in a position to consider) whether any person qualifies to become a recipient of the specific allowances listed under eligible vulnerable energy consumers, nor whether they suffer from a specific condition.


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